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Use LAMID points Xchange to buy points online and pay for products or services.In order to buy online points, our secure feature requires you to first log in. Each product is worth a certain number of points. Purchase points by entering the number of points and select your desired payment method on the next page. Online points payment can be made in Naira using Interswitch, or US Dollars using Paypal. Scroll down below to see How it works.
Enter number of credits :
N750 ($4.68) per point

Choose a package that works for you

Number of PointsPrice of PackagePrice Per Point
Purchasing online points is very simple:
Step 1
Enter the number of online points you want to buy
Step 2
Select the method of payment: (Note: Credits purchased using Cash, Bank Teller or Cheque will take at least 72 hours or 3 business days to reflect in your account after payment.)
Step 3
Pay using one of the methods above. Number of points deposited in your account should show beside the "Buy points " link at the top page.