Our Technology solutions will help you drive your business further and increase your productivity. They include:

  • Document Management System
  • Executive Search

Our Document management system will help you manage the storage and retrieval of your document in real time from anywhere. Here are some of the benefits/advantages it can offer you:

  • A central location to store your all your records/document
  • Search for relevant document using the built in search engine
  • You can also choose to make your document free or not by assign a premium amount or cost to it
  • You will not be prone to system failure/crashes as your document will be hosted on the internet
  • Eliminating time-consuming physical searches due to misfiled or lost documents
  • Allowing users to share documents with a workgroup
  • Keep an audit trail of every action taken on or with a document

Our Job portal system is designed for companies/business that aims to manage all aspect of its recruitment process in house. Its benefits include:

  • Posting new jobs as vacancies arise
  • Collecting CVs, certificates and other records
  • Managing each stage of the recruitment exercise (Online Testing, 1st level interview, Final interview etc.)
  • Searching for candidate based on certain criteria (e.g. Degree qualification, Year of experience etc.)