Human Capital Development

For over two decades, LAMID's strength has lain in its ability to design customised solutions to address individual client needs; using globally reinforced practices.

Lamid consistently deploys its strengths to adopt methodologies that emphasize and promote hands-on techniques, peer to peer learning, networking, behaviour change, coaching and mentoring to create high end value. We offer proven solutions and frameworks to address our clients’ most important asset- people.

We have continuously developed and facilitated training programmes for clients and partners in the private and government sectors. Our 23 years track-record performance in management consultancy and training equips us with valuable expertise in providing learning ways adequately fashioned to meet growing demands, as well as social and geographical challenges.

LAMID’s training programmes are conducted at client locations, in our 5,000 capacity training centre, or in mutually agreed venues across the federation. We also provide training programmes on-line through our much sought after training packages designed to meet target clients’ training needs.

Our training programmes have immensely enhanced our clients’ annual sales, increased their market share size and ultimately contributed to the bottom line of client organisations’ annual turn-over.

  • Higher worker Morale: The employees’ state of mind, mood, or mental condition reflects in their willingness to perform assigned tasks competently.
  • Increased Productivity: Workers improved quality of work, creativity, innovation and team work contributes positively to the overall productivity of the organisation.
  • Additional sales: The accruable gains in overall sales level is a pointer to organization’s healthy and enviable bottom line.
  • Cost effectiveness: Clients are assured of professional and quality services in human capital development unparalleled to that accessible elsewhere.
  • Client-responsive culture: Every organization has its own overall culture. These are attitudes, beliefs, ethics, and value systems of organizations. However, within that culture there are sub-cultures, which must be centered on client.
  • Leading edge skills: Having the relevant skill set will unlock individual and team strength and has the ability to challenge and encourage people to achieve more than they believed possible.

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