LAMID’s BEST - Boutique Extension Support Tools create and build entrepreneurs and their business structures. [View Slides HERE] BEST comprises a portfolio of comprehensive, custom-built, management and business advisory/extension services, intended to build structures and systems for achieving high growth. It is proven to have created or improved business performance with remarkable success, in over 3000 businesses in Africa. We build capacity of the organization through a comprehensive range of support services including:


Diagnostic Studies

A preliminary diagnostic and business ‘health check’ study is undertaken, customized to the needs of each company with the objective of identifying key problem areas and proffering required specific actions.

Opportunity Identification and Business Plan preparation:

A road map is designed in a business plan in concert with the entrepreneurs themselves by our experienced Business Financial Analysts, working in collaboration with specialist consultants, to finalize the plans into bankable proposals.

Business Advisory Services:

Using a hands-on approach, we provide on-site business advice and counseling to address specific problems identified during the diagnostic stage, and also assist in the implementation of business plans.

Business Re-structuring:

Our process re-engineering re-organizes the entire gamut of critical business functions including- Production/Operations, HR, Marketing, Financial, revitalizing them to ensure that they each deliver on your company mission to compete effectively in the current business environment.

Accounting Aid:

Book-keeping, Accounting and financial systems are set up using state of the art tools to effectively aid business decision making and to obtain audited statements on a long-term basis.

Finance Syndication and Credit Sourcing:

Clients are assisted to identify and evaluate alternative sources of financing and negotiate suitable terms, including a Loan Monitoring Service.

Industrial Attachment and Mentoring:

Direct industrial attachment of management and technical experts is arranged on a case-by-case basis for selected companies, in collaboration with experienced business veterans and/or experts.

Linkages, Joint Ventures and Contract Sourcing:

Developed to support entrepreneurs to define and clarify their needs for linkages with local and foreign companies in form of joint ventures, exports, franchising, outsourcing, technology support and transfer, sub-contracting etc.

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In offering advisory support, clients are matched with experienced Advisors, and hand held to jointly diagnose and proffer solutions in confidence. The process involves five stages with components comprising:

  • 1. Pre Qualification
  • 2. Needs Assessment, Contracting and profiling
  • 3. Data Collection and Analysis
  • 4. Clinical Sessions involving Technical Assistance, Training and Support
  • 5. Evaluation and post Consultation Follow Up