Business Incubation Zone

Business Incubation Zone (BIZ) establishes corporate governance systems in start-ups or existing businesses, as well as monitors the health and performance of businesses to ensure continued competitiveness. It assists enterprises and its promoters to successfully launch opportunities, expand existing ones and establish strong market presence, making Business Incubation Zone the preferred safeguard for investments.


Business Incubation Zone is not another management or business development programme or even a training programmes. LAMID Consulting recognizes from several years of experience working with SME's in Africa, that there are many good programs out there for developing and strengthening business skills, or even for preparing feasibility studies.

Yet, none of them address the fundamental issue of how to systematically strengthen and maximize the entrepreneurial potential in small and medium enterprises, in a hands-on manner, like the Business Incubation Zone model does. Because of the prevalent lack of understanding of SMEs, solutions are crafted for them as if they are miniature large organizations, no wonder such recommendations are ineffective. This is the remarkable difference with the Business Incubation Zone model. It is developed on several years of experiential insights gained by working with SMEs and a firm conviction that SMEs should be evaluated and strengthened on the basis of their individual characteristics and requirements.

Our Goal:

Business Incubation Zone is designed to enhance the efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability of enterprises. This is achieved by developing their strategic management capability.

Targets: Who Is Business Incubation Zone For?
  • Existing entrepreneurs with high growth potential: These are existing entrepreneurs who identify viable opportunities, or whose project proposals have the best chance of attracting sub-contract orders. Government procurement agencies or those who have strong potentials for joint ventures, technology licensing and franchising who want to internationalize. Women entrepreneurs also have a special window of opportunity uniquely tailored to meet their needs.
  • For Staff that disengage from the ‘safety net’ of paid employment, and wish to transform into high net worth enterprises: LAMID retains the strategy for transforming former employees into high net worth entrepreneurs to avoid the tragic loss of their severance packages. SME contact personnel/institutions require a good understanding and mastery of cutting edge information and skill sets required for transforming businesses into highly profitable entities.
  •  Larger organizations: Large companies needing information on how to incubate and nurture new ideas or expand /diversify existing ones. Newly re-structured or privatized corporations, seeking to re-orientate activities and personnel to exploit emerging opportunities as well as NGOs that have received or wish to attract donor funds for developing or managing separate income-generating activities in order to achieve sustainability.

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