LAMID Consulting Launches Business Resource platform

Thinking of starting a new business?

LAMID Consulting is in the process of launching a variety of tools to assist start up and current business owners more readily identify business opportunities, research market trends and effectively market their business. The first of many more tools to come is our Business plan product encompassing over 50 different types of businesses in the Lagos metropolis. These business guides cover industries like:  Manufacturing, Agriculture, Real estate, ICT etc.   The business plans provide the following data about each business:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Major Competor Analysis
  • Customer Profile
  • Financials - including: First 3 year Net profit, Cost of Goods sold, Sales Forecast, Operating cost, Personnel cost, ROI, ROA etc
  • Marketing Plan

The business plans will provide you basic information about the industry, feasibility analyisis of the business potential, and the competitive landscape. LAMID BUSINESS PLANS is a product of BIZ, our enterprise creation tool which helps start-ups or existing businesses with the plan or the framework upon which to build a business and grow (please refer to sample business plans for different sectors). BIZ – as a unique, hands-on solution for start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – is designed to improve business performance and cause expansion in scope of operations, as the businesses are packaged to withstand the market competition in time.

It is instructive that BIZ was developed on several years of experience, gained from insights derived from assisting SMEs throughout Africa (see sample BIZ assignment with the South African Government). It is built on an understanding that SMEs are not miniature large businesses, but should be evaluated and supported on the basis of their own characteristics and requirements. It specifically addresses the business extension needs of micro, small and medium enterprises, packaging them as attractive risks for financing.

HOW CAN I USE BIZ? BIZ interventions can be approached from two ends. The first is the diagnostic assessment opportunity identification of the business which leads to enterprise matching, market research, feasibility studies, industry and trends analysis for pre-investment planning. At the second level there is the deployment of financial and management systems, design of corporate governance systems, in addition to credit sourcing from credible banks in support of SMEs for specific businesses (Please refer to Lafarge and Unilever entrepreneurs).