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LAMID Consulting provides a variety of bankable business guides based on over 25 years of research interviewing 1000 + candidates. Our business guide is a condensed version of our business plan. For our budget minded clients, it provides them an affordable option to our customized client driven business plan.


It consists of a combination of generic and customized content that gives our clients just enough information about the business and start up considerations. Preview the business guides below and make your selection from a wide variety.


Research has shown that most businesses fail because of poor information-based planning. Reduce your risks by selecting from our ready-to-deploy guides. [Success Story Video [View Slides on Business Guides]


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Snail Breeding

 Nigeria's economic policies and programmes have necessitated a radical shift from a high dependence on the government for jobs to self-employment. One of such attractive areas for self-employment is snail rearing. It is a business that can provide a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate dominant meals. The neglect of lucrative fields like snail bearing is as a result of Nigerians inclination to go into well-established industries. Snail farming is a practicable and viable venture yet unexplored in Nigeria. It has also been researched to be the most lucrative farming venture presently, as it requires far less capital investment with low running cost. The capital, technical, labour and financial inputs in snail farming are relatively low compared to those in other types of livestock farming (poultry, pig, goats, sheep, and cattle).
Annual Growth rate:
21 %
Online Points:
20 points

Starch Production

 This business will provide a much-need basic foodstuff, starch and associated products. Native starch is the basic starch product that is marketed in the dry powder form under different grades for food, and as pharmaceutical, human, and Industrial raw material.  
Annual Growth rate:
35 %
Online Points:
20 points

Soy Milk Production

The company will process, produce, and sell soy milk.  The increasing popularity of soy-based foods is mainly attributed to the health benefits derived from the consumption of various products made from soybeans. Its role in the prevention of disease continues to be a top priority research and development around the world.  Soy milk is high in protein. Because it is made from beans, it also contains considerably more fiber than cow's milk. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is rapidly growing due to the ever- increasing population of Nigeria. The Soy beans milk processing sector is growing at an even faster rate in the country as an alternative to cow milk consumption.
Annual Growth rate:
25 %
Online Points:
20 points

Gardening, Sculpture, and Landscaping

 The company will offer seeds, seedlings, fully-grown flowers and plants, as well as other horticulture-related products. The other major focus, landscaping, will provide services such as the planning and construction of gardens, installation of purchased sculptures, curbs, and walkways. All services would come with an optional maintenance agreement, relieving the customer of that task, and bringing additional revenue into the business.
Annual Growth rate:
35 %
Online Points:
20 points

Cat Fish Farming

In the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy which employs about 70% of the active labour force, fish occupies a unique position in that it is the cheapest source of animal protein consumed by the average Nigerian, accounting for up to 50% of the total animal protein intake. Although the uncontrolled fishing exercise in the Nigerian coast aquaculture has been growing at some 20% per year since 2003 and continues to attract many investors and new farmers diminishing returns are important to consider in this business.
Annual Growth rate:
44 %
Online Points:
20 points


A LAMID Business Guide provides you with detailed and well researched information and guidance that have been broken down below:

Executive summary

The executive summary provides you with crucial information that covers everything from the point where you start the business, through its operational structure to the point of further research and growth of the business. The executive summary contains:


  • Required start-up cost
  • How to secure funds, loads and how to draw out a repayment plan
  • The operating structure of the business
  • Dynamics of your operating industry
  • The growth potential of your selected business
  • Researched business location

Business Objectives

These call for the development of guiding principles that enhance the reputation, financial and operational viability of the business. The business objectives contain:


  • Defined targets/goals for your business
  • Financial aims

The Industry, The Market, and The Competition

This gives a complete analysis of the industry under which your business is classified, defines who your customers are as well as opportunities to explore in order to give your business a competitive advantage. This section contains:


  • Industry profile
  • Customer profile
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive advantage of the business

Products and Services with Sales Forecasts

Here, you access well researched information on the peculiar form/structure of your product/service, practical recommendations as well as sales forecasts.


  • Product or services to be furnished
  • Product pricing and sales forecasts

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is designed to show you how your product/service gets to your target audience (customers/clients), your product’s unique edge and how to set up feedback mechanisms. The marketing plan contains:


  • Promotion: Means of creating product awareness, plans to meet target customers as well as benefits and quality of products.
  • Distribution Channel: Availability of the order placement and how the customers get access to the product or service.
  • Competitive Advantage: Advantages the business has over other businesses and reasons they are considered advantages.
  • Feedback: Ways of soliciting customers' opinion and methods in which the business will be evaluated.

Start-Up Considerations, Needs, and Costs

This section provides you with details revolving around starting up the business; resources required for the business, factors to consider for location and benefits of building business relationships.


  • General start-up concerns and considerations
  • Personnel
  • Durable and non-durable start-up equipment, materials, and supplies
  • Suppliers and product sources
  • Business location
  • Business facilities
  • Initial start-up and operations plan
  • Utilizing customer feedback
  • Maintaining Standards

Financial Summary

The financial summary looks into the financial structure of your business with particular interest in having a registered business name, financial obligations for the first three years, estimated start-up costs as well as profit margins and revenue. The financial summary contains:


  • Annual cost summary
  • Recommended Initial Investment
  • Estimated gross revenue, expenses, and profit