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THE NEED Entrepreneurship entails working on the business (the big picture) and not daily working in the business –the Managers’ role. Many businesses fail because the promoters are often embroiled in the day to day concerns of production, assuring qualitative service delivery, meeting sales demands, and even more difficult still - managing people- despite not being sufficiently equipped to handle such diverse activities. Additionally, business owners daily grapple with: issues of cash crunch, cost control, unprofessional staff with poor attitudes, low people management skills, lack of sound organizational structures, absence of marketing strategies, and poor know-how and processes for delivering excellent customer service. These expose businesses to inventory management challenges with high risks of fraud and risks of decline. Consequently, the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is not on trial, but has been GUARANTEED to deliver the unique, professional skill sets that are inevitable for building effective structures and processes for growing a winning business. It is a superior alternative to the mere hunches and half-baked ideas that many often resort to in responding to, and dealing with competition.

OBJECTIVES: Designed to develop an entrepreneurial (BIG PICTURE) mindset, to enable you:

  • Create, expand and act on sales-generating ideas, opportunities and leads;
  • Use Accounting principles for decisions, ensuring adequate cash flow, and continuous profit streams
  • Design a suitable business plan as a compass for strategic decisions
  • Re-engineer service and products to global standards
  • Appropriately price goods and services for optimum returns
  • Build and lead a high performing team aligned behind a common vision for solid business growth.

DELIVERABLES: The programme will:

  • Motivate, empower, build the confidence necessary to take moderate, calculated risks
  • Prepare veterans and new entrants for the challenges of building/managing the businesses
  • Provide viable opportunities for generating fresh business ideas
  • Demonstrate how to use simple business management techniques and strategies to pro-actively create and improve sales, reduce costs, and increase profits
  • Integrate technology into business building, decision-making and marketing
  • Develop practical business leadership skills

DELIVERY METHODS Since the skills needed to run a successful and profitable business cannot be acquired through lectures, changed behavior will result using structured exercises, hands-on, real life, case laboratories and exercises.


Module One: Entrepreneurship Skills Building

  • Entrepreneur and/or Manager? Building champions’ skills.
  • What entrepreneurship is not. Taking calculated risks and mitigating losses
  • How to identify, create, and expand viable business opportunities
  • Benchmarking the Competition
  • Deploying appropriate information and Technology for market advantage

Module Two: The Financial, Operational, and Marketing Plans: Walk-through based on life cases

Module Three: Exceptional Customer Service

  • Identifying and surpassing the clients’ needs.
  • The Effective Marketing Strategy
  • Determining clients’ needs and building an excellent service delivery plan
  • Creating the process for achieving continuous sales
  • Deploying Tech. for information, communication, image-building and sales

DURATION AND METHODS: 3 Days: Informed by the methods used - highly participatory, semi-formal, but structured ‘learning-by-doing’ problem solving labs. Based on the global UNDP proven flagship entrepreneurship model which guarantees enduring businesses in Nigeria.

FeeN35, 000.00 (Thirty Five Thousand Naira) per participant: Delivers an integrated one-stop solution to entrepreneurship skill building and accelerated productivity, from our Business Incubation Zone (BIZ). It includes skills building on:

  • How to be a professional entrepreneur and not a self-employed business owner
  • How to create fresh business opportunities to expand sales
  • Designing, running and expanding operations for continuous sales
  • How to build a winning client service plan
  • Session worksheets and materials.
  • Entrepreneurship Training with Business Guides: Access to over 100 ready to deploy, researched business ideas as a condensed business plan, with start-up considerations.
  • LAMID’s BEST-- Boutique Extension Support Tools is our portfolio of custom-built management and business advisory with tools intended to deploy international business processes, systems and structures that guarantee best practices, knowledge transfer and growth.
  • VENUE: CSS, LCCI Building, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Date: March 12-14 2014.With logistics covering.
  • Snacks, Coffee and Lunch ,VAT


Over 3000 enduring entrepreneurs and businesses created. Since 1989, LAMID Consulting has also supported entrepreneurs, also ex-staff of UNILEVER, Nigerian Breweries, Lafarge WAPCO Nigeria and governments, as well as international development partners including: The World Bank, the USAID, UNIFEM and the UNDP in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, and the South African government.

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